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2017-06-05 15:40:00
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<em>Phrase elements</em> add structural information to text fragments. The usual meanings of phrase elements are following:
<dd>Indicates emphasis. </dd>
<dd>Indicates stronger emphasis. </dd>
<dd>Contains a citation or a reference to other sources. </dd>
Here is an example with <font color="red">multiple</font> terms and descriptions:
<DD> A point equidistant from all points on the surface of a sphere.
<DD> In some field sports, the player who holds the middle position on the field, court, or forward line.
List element may be nested within other lists:
<li>Mix Marinade
<li>2 slices ginger <em>(smashed)</em></li>
<li>1 T. rice wine or sake</li>
<li>1 t. salt</li>
<li>2 T. peanut</li>
<li>Sault the seasonings</li>
<li>Add fish sauce</li>
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