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 summary="History courses offered in the community of Bath arranged by course name, tutor, summary, code, and fee">
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 <TH colspan="5" scope="colgroup">Community Courses -- Bath Autumn 1997</TH>
 <TH scope="col" abbr="Name">Course Name</TH>
 <TH scope="col" abbr="Tutor">Course Tutor</TH>
 <TH scope="col">Summary</TH>
 <TH scope="col">Code</TH>
 <TH scope="col">Fee</TH>
 <TD scope="row">After the Civil War</TD>
 <TD>Dr. John Wroughton</TD>
 The course will examine the turbulent years in England
 after 1646. <EM>6 weekly meetings starting Monday 13th
 <TD scope="row">An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon England</TD>
 <TD>Mark Cottle</TD>
 One day course introducing the early medieval
 period reconstruction the Anglo-Saxons and
 their society. <EM>Saturday 18th October.</EM>
 <TD scope="row">The Glory that was Greece</TD>
 <TD>Valerie Lorenz</TD>
 Birthplace of democracy, philosophy, heartland of theater, home of
 argument. The Romans may have done it but the Greeks did it
 first. <EM>Saturday day school 25th October 1997</EM>
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